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Point of View STory

honest conversation

Capture. Converse. Connect.

Sparking honest conversation 

one story at a time.

Watch short films

Discuss with others

Connect with others

Helping Helpers Help.

Who's a helper?

Anyone that helps -  Pastor, Teacher, Counselor, Rabbi, Friend, Parent, Jedi, Therapist, Case Worker, or


These films don't resolve. Think parable or allegory. They are to assist you in leading into a conversation that is productive and healthy and honest.

Watch the video to the right (turn sound on) and ponder the questions at the end.

 “Suspending your own involvement to observe what’s going on gives you a mindful awareness of the interaction without being completely reactive.”

- Helen Ress HBR Emotional Intelligence Series : Empathy

These short films produce self-suspension making for honest observation, reflection, and discussion.

This ignites wonder, unleashes empathy, and produces hope in the hearts and minds of the viewer. 


Our team meets with you to create a concept to support your theme or topic


Our team provides a story board that visually shows you what the film(s) will show.


We cast, film (in your community), and edit film(s).


Your short film(s) 

are ready for use.

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