Therapeutic films for those impacted by harm and violence in the sex industry.

Storytelling that fuels healing.

At Point of View Story, we create, direct, and produce therapeutic films to spark insight, introspection, and healing.

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Emily Taylor-Ginger, MSW, LCSW

Impact Producer

Watching a film can change a life.

Film or cinema therapy acts as a powerful agent of change—especially for those who have experienced complex trauma.

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Why Point of View Story?

Membership to Point of View Story unlocks access to an all-inclusive digital platform and comprehensive library of short therapeutic films

Designed to empower therapists, advocates, lived experience experts, and trainers with films as therapeutic tools to drive conversation and support healing

Why short therapeutic films?

Jumpstart dialogue and make hard conversations feel possible

Experience stories in an authentic, safe way

Create a culture of openness and community

Allow the viewer to control their path

Open new space for discovery and growth

Encourage the viewer to feel and heal

Activates cognitive and somatic growth

Inclusive films. 
Made for connection.

We pride ourselves on writing, directing, and producing intentionally inclusive and meaningful short therapeutic films on topics ranging from shame and betrayal, to trust and coercion.

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I just showed Shift. A client said, ‘I get it now. If I don’t define who I am, someone else will.

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I have NEVER had a more lively discussion in one of my group therapies.

They were so eager to share their thoughts. This curriculum will have a tremendous impact.

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Film Opens so many doors to hard conversations

Sarah McHargue


Director of Victim Services

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