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We provide healing-centered agencies and facilitators with access to therapeutic short films—driving meaningful moments of healing for clients impacted by harm and violence in the sex industry.

Why short therapeutic films?

Drive conversations

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Using short therapeutic films with the support of a trained facilitator serves as a catalyst for healing-centered dialogue. Clients gain new context and language for challenging conversations.

Witness growth and healing

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The support of short therapeutic films makes it possible to quantify and articulate progress. We recommend facilitators show a film numerous times, so clients can identify and observe their own growth.

Fuel connection

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After experiencing abuse, many clients have difficulties visualizing their story. Our films feature strategic storytelling to provide opportunities for clients to learn, connect, and relate to characters in the film.

Engage learners of all kinds

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Films engage different learning styles—from visual and spatial, to linguistic and interpersonal. For those who have experienced harm and violence in the sex industry, film therapy is an innovative and transformative tool.

Meet the people behind our work.

Mark Steenbarger
Mark Steenbarger, MFA


Mark Steenbarger became involved in anti-trafficking work in 2018 after his wife, Jill, began working as a case manager serving survivors. Fueled by a lifetime of passion in creating moments through story and film to evoke healing, Mark saw a unique opportunity to pair filmmaking with therapeutic outcomes.

As a filmmaker, director, producer, and all-around creative, Mark uses his talent and skill to artfully craft, produce, and execute story through film. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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Emily Taylor-Ginger
Emily Taylor-Ginger, MSW, LCSW

Impact Producer

With over 10,000 hours spanning more than 10 years in anti-trafficking and Commercial Sex Exploitation (CSE) work, Emily Taylor-Ginger has specialized experience in advocacy, program development, medical social work, and mental health therapy.

As the Impact Producer at Point of View Story, Emily clinically consults on the creation of therapeutic films, authors materials for the therapeutic process, and trains facilitators to implement these materials.

Outside of POVS, Emily is the founder and therapist at Collective Growth, a CSE-focused private practice, and she serves on the Certification Review Board of Safe House Project.

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The cast and crew that makes everything possible

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Annelise Lopez

Actor / Writer

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Lynsey Johnson

Actor / Writer

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SympHanie Bolds

Actor / Writer / Casting Director

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